Thanksgiving 2015

Nothing makes you more thankful for your husband than having to spend a weekend without him. Lee ended up having to work Thanksgiving weekend, so I trekked up north to hang out with his family without him. The kids had a blast running wild together. The weather was unseasonably warm on saturday so we took this kids to single parent hell a nearby farm/corn maze. The kids loved it, even though I may have spent the entire time panicked because I couldn’t find my kids.

I was especially proud of us that we managed to be on time for 9am church with 21 people staying under the same roof.

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3289.jpg

^^This is how Harper jumps with Wren^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3291.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3300.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3303.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3306.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3312.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3314.jpg

^^Our line up to get on the shuttle from overflow parking to the main farm^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3319.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3321.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3329.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3332.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3337.jpg

^^Lunch break^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3343.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3344.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3351.jpg

^^Feeding the goats^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3360.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3365.jpg

^^She was so excited to pet the bunny^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3368.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3371.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3383.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3387.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3394.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3406.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3413.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3415.jpg

^^Checking out the flowers^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3419.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3421.jpg

^^Jack being himself^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3425.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3427.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3437.jpg

^^Everyone in on the action^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3444.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3451.jpg

^^Making potions. About 2 minutes after this, there was a puddle of mud on the tablecloth and two little missing girls^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3458.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3459.jpg

^^Going through photo albums^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3467.jpg

^^Miss Millie turned two while we were at Grandma’s house, her mama made some of the most delicious cupcakes I’ve ever tasted^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3470.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3477.jpg

^^I think their faces are all hilarious^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3483.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3488.jpg

^^No, It’s my cupcake^^

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3493.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3496.jpg


2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3507.jpg

2015-10-09 Thanksgiving-3515.jpg

Wren was content to let lots of people hold her for a change. It was a nice break for mom.

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