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  • Thanksgiving 2015

  • Nothing makes you more thankful for your husband than having to spend a weekend without him. Lee ended up having to work Thanksgiving weekend, so I trekked up north to hang out with his family without him. The kids had a blast running wild together. The weather was unseasonably warm on saturday so w [...]
  • Thanksgiving

  • A couple pictures taken yesterday at Thanksgiving Dinner with my Family. ^^I'm so thankful for this little girl and her introspective spirit. She loves to be talked to, and loves to observe the action around her.^^ ^^I'm thankful for my Dad, and the amazing help he is to me.^^ ^^I'm s [...]
  • Thanksgiving

  • Lee and I hosted Gurney Thanksgiving this year. In preparation, I learned how to make buns, and apple pie. If you know me, you know this is a pretty big deal. Lee made the turkey and the pumpkin pies (I'm so grateful for a husband who is willing to help out and a mother-in-law who taught him how to [...]
  • Finn and two turkey dinners

  • We were lucky enough to get two turkey dinners this year, one with the Oviatt side, and one with the Gurneys.I am so thankful to be surrounded and related to so many wonderful people. And then there's Finn