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  • Happy Canada Day!

  • I am so grateful for this country I live in. The freedoms and opportunities I enjoy.  Most of us started out the day wearing red and white. Jack rode his bike through the biggest mud puddle he could find, so had to change. I tried to squeeze into pants I don't really fit in yet, and had to change, [...]
  • Oviatt Reunion Part 2

  • ^^They had to get a cookie from their foreheads to their mouths without using their hands^^ ^^This is what a 3 year old, a popsicle and red shale look like^^ The obiligatory family pictures Hanging out at the Waterpar [...]
  • Oviatt Reunion Part 1

  • We spent Canada Day Weekend in Edmonton with the Oviatt family this year. There are a bazillion photos, so those of you who are not part of the Oviatt family might want to skip this post.... Checking out the newest member of the family ^^Best pou [...]