Summer Fun

It’s a good thing I have friends who are “funner” moms than me. Otherwise, my kids would have a very boring existence! Last week was fun extravaganza.

Monday – Spray Park

Jack has no fear or separation anxiety, and as soon as we got there, ran headlong into the water. His friend Haylen is a bit more cautious. Jack decided he was going to help Haylen out and they ended up running around holding hands. It was the perfect combination. Haylen slowed Jack down, and Jack helped speed Haylen up.

Tuesday – Birds of Prey Center

What a fun place! The kids got to watch some flying demonstrations of both a Harris hawk and a bald eagle, as well as feed some ducks. The highlight however, was definitely being able to hold a tiny burrowing owl.

Wednesday – Stirling Pool (sorry, no pics)

Thursday – Bear’s Hump in Waterton

I know some spectacular women! Three amazing ladies and I packed up 12 kids under 10, and went to Waterton for the afternoon. We all hiked to the top of Bear’s hump, which is not an easy hike for a 2 year old, regardless of its short length. But the kids all did great, and no one had to be carried except the babies.

Friday – Left for Little Bow Provincial Park – Separate post to Follow

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