Soccer Mom

After the slow (re:boring) debacle of T-ball last year, we thought it would be fun to let Jack try soccer this year. If nothing else, we figured it would put his excess energy to good use.

2015-06 Random-8359.jpg

^^We were lucky this year, and had beautiful weather for every game!^^

2015-06 Random-8378.jpg

2015-06 Random-8383.jpg

2015-06 Random-8387.jpg

^^She was so excited to get this soccer ball, it also distracted her from the goal pylons, which is her usual target^^2015-06 Random-8412.jpg

2015-06 Random-8402.jpg

2015-06 Random-8369.jpg

2015-06 Random-8372.jpg

2015-06 Random-8396.jpg

2015-06 Random-8400.jpg

^^He’s definitely not afraid to be aggressive on the field^^
2015-06 Random-8404.jpg

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