So Helpful

It seems like ever since we got back from hawaii Jack has been super interested in Harper. Maybe it’s just because as she gets older she’s awake more, and therefore more entertaining to him.

The other day I came into the room to find him using her as a pillow while he watched tv. We’ve actually got him trained to put her binky in, but he can’t seem to figure out why she doesn’t always want it. That hasn’t stopped him from trying to force it. The same logic apparently applies to the bottle.

Every time i put Harper down for some “tummy time” jack climbs right down there with her and announces they’re playing “horsey”

She loves him to death though, and is a pretty good sport. She just smiles and coos whenever he gives her some attention.

IMG_5719 - Version 2IMG_5721IMG_5722IMG_5725

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