Sidewalk Chalk

It’s been such an unseasonably warm fall so far (knock on wood). We’ve been able to run around outside, ride bikes, and draw on the sidewalk, which has saved this mama’s sanity.

2015-10-17 Random-3530.jpg

^^Occasionally, Jack is nice to her^^

2015-10-17 Random-3539.jpg

2015-10-17 Random-3543.jpg

2015-10-17 Random-3564.jpg

2015-10-17 Random-3566.jpg

2015-10-17 Random-3587.jpg

2015-10-17 Random-3589.jpg

^^Arm’s up!^^

2015-10-17 Random-3596.jpg

2015-10-17 Random-3600.jpg

2015-10-17 Random-3609.jpg

^^Personality 1^^

2015-10-17 Random-3613.jpg

^^Personality 2^^

2015-10-17 Random-3626.jpg

^^No! I will not ride the big girl bike!!!!!^^

2015-10-17 Random-3630.jpg

^^Dear Gap, this shirt will not fit a 18-24month old, regardless of what you put on the tag^^

2015-10-17 Random-3655.jpg

2015-10-17 Random-3667.jpg

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