Sidetracked in the Coulees

After being babysat by the tv nanny for the last 2 days while Lee and I were both sick, the kids were feeling a little restless. I needed a measurement from the construction site anyways, so I figured I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The kids rode bikes the entire 3.6mi while I walked with Wren. On the way home, we took a path behind the new house that leads through the coulees, the kids stopped to play and I took a few pictures.

2015-02-18 Coulees-5250.jpg2015-02-18 Coulees-5262.jpg

2015-02-18 Coulees-5265.jpg

2015-02-18 Coulees-5270.jpg

^^Zoom^^2015-02-18 Coulees-5273.jpg

2015-02-18 Coulees-5276.jpg

^^Pushing the bike back up is too much work, so let’s just run up and down the hill 5 times instead.^^

2015-02-18 Coulees-5286.jpg2015-02-18 Coulees-5288.jpg

^^Pretty much the epitome of my kids. Jack:unable to be serious, and Harper: perpetual grumpy face^^2015-02-18 Coulees-5294.jpg2015-02-18 Coulees-5299.jpg2015-02-18 Coulees-5303.jpg

^^Hands flailing, crazy running^^2015-02-18 Coulees-5309.jpg2015-02-18 Coulees-5314.jpg


2015-02-18 Coulees-5316.jpg

^^Walking back up the hill is hard. What if I bear crawl instead?^^2015-02-18 Coulees-5331.jpg2015-02-18 Coulees-5332.jpg

^^Ear rubs?^^2015-02-18 Coulees-5338.jpg
2015-02-18 Coulees-5341.jpg2015-02-18 Coulees-5344.jpg2015-02-18 Coulees-5345.jpg

^^He looks so big in this picture^^
2015-02-18 Coulees-5346.jpg

^^ Coulees joy^^2015-02-18 Coulees-5363.jpg2015-02-18 Coulees-5376.jpg

^^It’s rare I can get a real, non-cheesy smile out of this kid anymore^^

I think they’re going to like living there.

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