Remlinger Farms

We were lucky enough to get two weeks off at the end of August. In typical Oviatt form, it was the night before vacation and we still hadn’t decided where we were going. So we decided to head to the ocean. With about 3 hours planning (explains the worst pack job ever), we loaded up the kids and some of their clothes. After a stopover in Spokane, we Arrived in the outskirts of Seattle. A friend had recommended we check out Remlinger Farms (Thanks Amy!) which is basically an amusement park for toddlers.

^^Getting lunch in the country store restaurant^^

^^Our train driver. Dad, you should try and get this gig^^

^^Harper though the train was great^^

^^Jack loved to “drive” the old car around the track. There was even an extra steering wheel in back for Harper^^

^^With all of the fun rides, who would have thought we had to drag Jack off the old school bus?^^

^^The Ferris Wheel^^

^^The kids had fun on the flying pumpkins^^

^^Jack was not a fan of the roller coaster^^

^^The big maze and climbing wall made out of hay^^


^^Harper was a little frustrated with hers^^

^^Pony rides-we only made it another 2 feet before she started screaming^^



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