So….after looking forward to this week in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park all summer, and booking our sites as soon as the system allowed, Mother nature screwed us. The weather was pretty bad, but I like to think we made the best of it. Between drizzly hikes, and playing football during the rain breaks, we didn’t have to resort to hiding in the trailer, which in my books is a win!

In  addition to the crappy weather, the province had closed all the rivers to fishing, which was a big reason we go up there ever summer.  So we dragged the kids up an insanely steep mountain to catch some in the lake instead.

Mileage Count:

Caanadian Mt. Everest Expedition Trail 3km 100m elevation gain
Chester Lake 9.2km 300m elevation gain
Picklejar Lakes 8.4km 450m elevation gain
Elbow Lake 2.8km 120m elevation gain

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