Justin and Betsy

My cousin got married this weekend. It’s my mom’s side of the family, and we don’t see them nearly often enough, so we zipped up to Edmonton to celebrate with them. They got married at a beautiful golf course in NW Edmonton, and everything was lovely despite the rain shows that opened up during the ceremony.

I didn’t actually take a lot of pictures of the wedding, I figure they had a couple photographers they probably paid $$$ for that would do a way better job than me anyway:)

I did however take a couple pictures of Lee and I, and I almost had heart palpitations posting them. However, my Dad made me promise they would make it onto the blog, and in an attempt to keep my 2015 goal of being IN more pictures, here they are.

As I was walking out the door, Harper looked at me scrunched up her nose and said “are you getting married AGAIN?”

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9027.jpg

^^Rockstar Jody^^
2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9029.jpg

^^Milling about waiting for the Bride^^

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9032.jpg

^^They were super excited about the program;)^^

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9033.jpg

^^I love watching my brothers laugh together as they get older^^

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9037.jpg

^^My handsome arm candy^^

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9042.jpg

^^The parents of the groom, and my beautiful Grandma^^

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9051.jpg

^^Here comes the Bride…^^
2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9053.jpg

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9055.jpg

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9061.jpg

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9062.jpg

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9070.jpg

^^They’ll probably killing me for posting this picture, but this is what I love about them. They’re always laughing and happy, and have such a good relationship^^

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9072.jpg

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9073.jpg

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9076.jpg

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9081.jpg

2015-06-20 Justin's Wedding-9085.jpg

^^The super blurry photo of the Alwards that were present. Apparently my camera is too complicated for a standerby to get a decent photo even using Auto settings^^

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