Jack Turns 5

So my baby turned 5 on Friday. How crazy is that? I think there’s always something special about each child, and what they represents for you as a parent. Jack is our first. He’s the one that made us parents. He’s the one that gets to be the subject of all our parenthood method testing. He has to go through the flood of inexperience with us. And because we have no other baseline, he is sometimes the victim of overly high expectations.  Jack gets his smarts from his Dad, and sometimes it’s hard for us to remember that he is only 5, and 5 is not very old. We get overly frustrated in those moments when he does indeed act like a 5 year old. 

 Jack’s 5th year of life brought:

  1. unaided swimming
  2. moving up a bike size
  3. the start of kindergarten
  4. seeing him thrive at additional responsibility, like helping with Wren and riding the bus.
  5. starting to sound out words on his own
  6. an addiction to nintendo wii – mostly Lego Indiana Jones and Super Mario Bros.
  7. attempting to answer the phone, which mostly just involves him heavily breathing on our end, or trying to talk to the voicemail on the other.
  8. making sandwiches on his own (i believe he does this so he can sneak globs honey out of the container)

He is however, still as “busy” as always.  Lee and I refer to Jack as “kinetic”. He always has to be giving off energy of some kind. If he can’t do it through motion ie. in his carseat, he does it verbally instead.

I love this kid like crazy. He is the child who keeps me from being lazy.  He finds such joy in life, and his uninhibited friendliness is something I could stand to emulate.

After begging me and begging me for a party this year, I finally agreed. I gave him the choice between a small family gift and a party, or a large family gift and no party. He chose party., so after whittling down the invite list from anyone he’s ever met between the ages of 2-70 to a reasonable number, we had a few kids over to the house to play some games and have some cake.

Happy Birthday Jack.

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