Jack Turns 3

Yesterday, Jack turned 3! This is the first year he’s actually been able to anticipate the event and show some excitement, which made it a lot more fun for me. We had all of his (local) cousins over for a cake and ice cream and it was chaos. Jack loved it. I ended up getting the cake from Kathryn, and not only did it look amazing, it was pretty tasty too!

At 3 years old, Jack:

  • is busy
  • dislikes being alone
  • is *almost* potty trained during the day
  • is funny. He loves to tell jokes and laugh hysterically
  • is helpful
  • loves gum
  • can count to 10, and knows all of his colors
  • favorite saying: “don’t bust me!” when you’re giving him a hard time


I’m stil waiting for him to figure out buttons and how to do up his own carseat buckle. Maybe by the time he’s 4?

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