Harper Turns 4

Well, we did it, we survived 3. It was pretty close there for a while, I didn’t know if we’d make it. It was a year full of emotions. Some of which were not always contained very well, but the happy came just as easy as the angry.

Harper at 4:

  • A hilarious sense of humor. Loves to make people laugh.
  • A little bit of a short fuse. We’re working on controlling our anger.
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Learned to ride a bike 1 week before her birthday
  • Is cautious about testing her physical limits
  • Loves to play “tea party”
  • Snores like crazy. Jack moved himself to sleep in the basement because H snores sooo bad
  • refuses to wear pants, preferring skirts or dresses at all times.
  • Refuses to wear shirts with any kind of collar or buttons. T-Shirts only.
  • Extremely strong willed. Will not be manipulated into anything unless it is on her terms, when SHE is ready. I have high hopes this will be beneficial in late “peer pressure” years.
  • Opinionated: has a preference from everything to dish color, to hairstyle, to how her pears need to be cut.
  • Cuddly: Still loves to snuggle up with a blanket with mom and dad
  • Loves to sing: sings in the car, sings to herself at bedtime, sings to Wren when she’s sad
  • Loves healthy food: She recently ordered (and ate) shrimp skewers and salad at a restaurant
  • Willing to try new food.
  • Can spell H-A-R-P-E-R. Can write H-A…..
  • Loves to color, but prefers it as a group activity (ie. mom has to be right next to her, coloring on the same sheet)
  • Her favourite candy is Gum of any kind
  • Cannot be manipulated into playing whatever game Jack wants to, which can cause some friction.
  • Can hike like a champion, pounding of 8km hikes like it’s no big deal.
  • Is a touch melodramatic, things are always the “worst thing ever” or the “very best day ever!”

She is definitely her own personality, and we love her.  Our family would not be the same place without her. Happy Birthday, baby girl!

We had some family over for pizza and cake, and the kids were in heaven.

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1710.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1711.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1714.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1715.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1716.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1721.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1734.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1745.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1747.jpg

^^She was mad Jack tried to get in her picture^^
2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1748.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1756.jpg

^^Biting her toenails. Super gross^^

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1778.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1782.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1798.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1801.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1805.jpg

^^My favourite picture, one with an authentic Harper smile^^

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1812.jpg

^^She was actually super mad about this bike. She started riding the little 12″, which is small for her, but refuses to size up^^

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1819.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1825.jpg

^^Her purple unicorn cake, as requested^^

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1830.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1836.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1845.jpg

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1846.jpg

^^We had to light the candles twice, because she was so excited she blew them out before we could finish singing “happy birthday”^^

2015-08-10 Harper's Birthday-1871.jpg

^^Presents galore^^

Harper was pretty sure people were coming back the next day to party again and eat the leftover cake^^

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