Harper Turns 3

Miss Harper turned 3 this week. To celebrate, we had some friends and family to party at the Magrath Slip & Slide. I’m pretty sure she was the grumpiest birthday girl ever. 

Things to know about 3 year old Harper:

She is extremely opinionated about whats she wears
Skirts are “hulups”
Dragons spit alot
There is a lot of screeching
After being potty trained for almost a year, she’s back in diapers after the addition of her baby sister
“It was an accident” absolves you of any wrong doing
at least 10 random toys/stuffies have to join her in bed every night including but not limited to the unicorn stick horse.
Likes to color on anything except paper. Skin is a particularly favourite medium.
Her smile is contagious
she loves to sing random songs to herself
loves to play make-believe
swings quickly from happy and sweet to raging ball of fury
is “firsty” a lot
every letter of the alphabet is “H-A-R”
is a total ham who loves to make people laugh
Favorite color is pink

^^Jack loved the slide again this year^^

^^Love these ladies^^

^^Is my tongue purple?^^

^^I want the pink flower!^^

^^Someone slid too far and hit the mud puddle at the end^^


^^Still Fun^^

^^Not fun^^

^^The princess dress from the edmonton relatives was a big hit!^^

^^Yep, this pretty accurately depicts 3 year old Harper^^

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