Happy Canada Day!

I am so grateful for this country I live in. The freedoms and opportunities I enjoy. 

Most of us started out the day wearing red and white. Jack rode his bike through the biggest mud puddle he could find, so had to change. I tried to squeeze into pants I don’t really fit in yet, and had to change, and Harper adamantly refused to wear anything I picked out since it wasn’t pink, so Wren was our only patriotic child. For Canada Day this year, we headed to Waterton for the day. We got a bit of a late start, so didn’t have a chance to hike anything, but roamed around the townsite, threw rocks in the lake, ran through the spray park, and of course enjoyed ice cream.

wpid2106-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1312.jpg wpid2108-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1314.jpg

^^Boy with a stick^^



wpid2112-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1320.jpg wpid2114-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1325.jpg wpid2116-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1329.jpg

^^Jack loved to give Wren kisses^^


^^Practicing his beam routine^^


^^Trying to catch a gopher^^


wpid2130-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1350.jpg wpid2132-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1368.jpg wpid2134-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1370.jpg

^^Happy Canada Day!^^

wpid2136-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1372.jpg wpid2138-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1373.jpg wpid2140-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1375.jpg wpid2142-2014-07-01-Canada-day-Waterton-1376.jpg

^^This photo is crazy blurry, but there is something about it that I love…^^

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