I have to confess: I hate Halloween. It is by far my least favourite holiday. It requires so much work and effort to get costumes etc for less than an hour of wear. Then there’s the sugar overload. I’m not one of those parents who are all “candy is bad, you can’t have any”, but how do i have any bargaining chips for bribery when my 4 year old has his own stash of the stuff that will last him the next 6 months? I swear when I was younger, you had to work for your candy on halloween. Each house would give a measly tootsie roll, and the big chocolate bars were only rewarded to those dedicated enough to hit the farm/acreage houses. My kids walked 3 blocks and have enough candy for Armageddon. 

It was however cute this year because it was the first year they could really enjoy it. Jack woke up at 6:30 asking if it was halloween yet. Him and Harper were adorable running from house to house. Jack would announce he was Captain Jack Sparrow, and his real name was also Jack. After the appropriate halloween trick-or-treat interchange, he would holler “Happy Halloween” as he ran away from the door. Harper would introduce herself as Harper Rapunzel, and then instead of taking the candy offered, would try and share the candy from her bucket.

And can we talk about the weather for a minute? It was serioulsy a Halloween miracle. It was actually warm, no snow, and NO wind! It was awesome! The kids didn’t even need coats. I can’t remember a halloween without mittens and snowpants. I had a glimpse into why some people enjoy the holiday. There was a sense of fun present in warm weather that isn’t there as much when everyone is freezing to death.




^^Lee pumpkin carving with the kids. I forgot to get a picture of the finished product^^


^^Wren baby was a turtle, a last minute costume grab on our way home from the airport. Surprisingly, she was totally okay with the hood^^


^^I could not get Harper to open her eyes for a single picture^^


^^The most impressive costume we saw all night.^^

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