Christmas Morning 2012

We live in a split level house. We switched things up this year and put our christmas tree in the basement. We hung the stocking on the mantel on the main floor. Because we had two kids who can’t keep their hands off of presents they stayed¬†safely¬†hidden until christmas eve. When Jack woke Christmas Morning, he eagerly opened his stocking and played with some small toys while we made breakfast. In his unexperienced 3 year old mind he was pretty sure Christmas was over. He got some candy and a dollar store sword in his stocking. He was happy. And yet, every year I still buy him way more toys than he even realizes he needs. Maybe next year I’ll stop. …Probably not.

We had to convince him to go downstairs and check things out. He was glad he did. I could have opened nothing for myself and it would have been the best christmas ever. I love that he is finally old enough to get excited about Christmas.

Harper’s carseat finally arrived that weekend, and all she wanted to do was sit in while the rest of us opened presents.

Later that afternoon we went to my brother Dano’s house where we binged on more food.

This is how a pillow fight between a 5 year old and a 26 year old starts.

This is how a pillow fight between a 5 year old and a 26 year old ends.

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