Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day was pretty low-key this year. We had my Dad over for a few days around Christmas and the kids loved having him. Jack especially is always excited to have another person to entertain him! This was the first year that we had kids old enough to anticipate Christmas morning, so that was extra fun. We were all spoiled again this year. 

^^Jack got a little camera, and loved it! It’s caused a few fights because Harper won’t stop and say “cheese”. Now he knows how I feel.^^

^^We’re so blessed!^^

^^Hey, it’s hungry hungry hippos! Let’s open it!^^

^^We finally introduced Lego to our house^^

^^Jack was happy to help everyone open their presents^^

^^Please! Can we open it?^^

^^Please Dad! Open it!!!!^^

^^New headphones^^

^^Apparently Princesses don’t come in a size 2T^^


^^Merry Christmas!^^

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