Christmas 2014 Part 2

My dad, my little brother and his wife stayed with us for the holidays, and it was fun to be able to spend some time with them before they head off to Oklahoma. The kids actually slept in (8am) on Christmas morning, which was a rare treat. They were both super excited and were surprisingly patient when i made them wait until after breakfast to start opening the presents. Later in the afternoon, we headed back to my other brother’s house for leftovers.

2014-12-25 Christmas -3837

^^Where’s my presents?^^

2014-12-25 Christmas -3840

2014-12-25 Christmas -3857

^^Merry Christmas!^^

2014-12-25 Christmas -3858

^^Wren was in heaven crawling around amidst the wrapping paper^^

2014-12-25 Christmas -3867

^^Harper got a “twirling” skirt^^

2014-12-25 Christmas -3870

^^Team unwrapping^^

2014-12-25 Christmas-2077

^^I spy…^^2014-12-25 Christmas-2085 2014-12-25 Christmas-2092

^^She wore this outfit all day long. She’s ahead of the trend^^

2014-12-25 Christmas-2097

^^Opening presents is hard work^^

2014-12-25 Christmas-2110 2014-12-25 Christmas-2111

^^mmmm, cheesecake^^

2014-12-25 Christmas-2112

^^New gadgets were a popular christmas gift^^

2014-12-25 Christmas-2116

2014-12-25 Christmas-2117

2014-12-25 Christmas-2118

2014-12-25 Christmas-2126

2014-12-25 Christmas-2137

^^Christmas Naps^^

2014-12-25 Christmas-2139

2014-12-25 Christmas-2142

2014-12-25 Christmas-2153

^^She sticks her tongue out when she smiles. It’s adorable^^

2014-12-25 Christmas-2158

^^Wren baby got her first tooth for Christmas, so she wasn’t her usual happy self^^

2014-12-25 Christmas-2159

^^We managed to coax a few smiles out^^2014-12-25 Christmas-2163
^^I’m so grateful for my family. Getting to spend time with these people is my favourite part of the season. David, we’ll miss you!^^

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