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Fall at the Park
Sidewalk Chalk
  • Sidewalk Chalk

  • It's been such an unseasonably warm fall so far (knock on wood). We've been able to run around outside, ride bikes, and draw on the sidewalk, which has saved this mama's sanity. ^^Occasionally, Jack is nice to her^^ ^^Arm's up!^^ ^^Personality 1^^ ^^Personality 2^^ ^^N [...]
Justin and Betsy
  • Justin and Betsy

  • My cousin got married this weekend. It's my mom's side of the family, and we don't see them nearly often enough, so we zipped up to Edmonton to celebrate with them. They got married at a beautiful golf course in NW Edmonton, and everything was lovely despite the rain shows that opened up during the [...]
a box fan and a duvet
Sidetracked in the Coulees
  • Sidetracked in the Coulees

  • After being babysat by the tv nanny for the last 2 days while Lee and I were both sick, the kids were feeling a little restless. I needed a measurement from the construction site anyways, so I figured I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The kids rode bikes the entire 3.6mi while I walked with Wren. O [...]
  • Summer in January

  • Normally, a title like that would be followed by a post about Arizona. However, we have been having crazy warm weather in Alberta the last few days. Record breaking warm weather. 18 degrees, and NO WIND. It's insane. And spectacular. We've been spending a lot of time at the park. I [...]
Snow Day
  • Snow Day

  • Last week, it finally warmed up enough to coerce Harper and I to go outside and play.  ^^This ended about as well as you would expect^^ ^^"skating" on the ice was a big hit" ^^This girl exudes determination and independence in everything she does.^^ ^^It was not act [...]
The Exciting Faces of
Camera Test Shots
  • Camera Test Shots

  • SO my amazing hubby bought me a new full frame camera for Christmas. I've had fun the last couple of days testing it out. ^^Sometimes he's soooo good with her!^^ ^^I'm coming to get you^^ ^^Non-consensual Hugs^^ ^^Squishy face smiles^^ ^^When I told him I wanted to take some pictu [...]
  • Sunday Walks

  • The first sunday of every month, we try and get together with my family for dinner. After dinner, we took a little walk. ^^Reese showing off her awesome  outfit^^ ^^Everyone checking out the snake in the grass^^ ^^Turned out it was just the skin^^ ^^Poor Miss H was having a [...]
  • Puddle Jumping

  • After a few days of rain, we were going a little crazy from being indoors. The rain stopped for an hour so we loaded up our rain gear, and went outside to splash around.   This is Harper's "I'm not liking the way this is going" face Copy Cat [...]