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  • Harper Turns 4

  • Well, we did it, we survived 3. It was pretty close there for a while, I didn't know if we'd make it. It was a year full of emotions. Some of which were not always contained very well, but the happy came just as easy as the angry. Harper at 4: A hilarious sense of humor. Loves to make people [...]
  • YMCA

  • So what do you do in Alberta when it's been -20 for over a week, and you're kids are driving you crazy? You head to mom&tot at the local YMCA and let them burn of some steam by running wild with 30 other kids. In defence of Harper's fashion sense: she refuses to wear a coat, but INSISTED she n [...]
  • Thanksgiving

  • A couple pictures taken yesterday at Thanksgiving Dinner with my Family. ^^I'm so thankful for this little girl and her introspective spirit. She loves to be talked to, and loves to observe the action around her.^^ ^^I'm thankful for my Dad, and the amazing help he is to me.^^ ^^I'm s [...]
Harper Turns 3
  • Harper Turns 3

  • Miss Harper turned 3 this week. To celebrate, we had some friends and family to party at the Magrath Slip & Slide. I'm pretty sure she was the grumpiest birthday girl ever.  Things to know about 3 year old Harper: She is extremely opinionated about whats she wears Skirts are "hulups" D [...]
  • Happy Canada Day!

  • I am so grateful for this country I live in. The freedoms and opportunities I enjoy.  Most of us started out the day wearing red and white. Jack rode his bike through the biggest mud puddle he could find, so had to change. I tried to squeeze into pants I don't really fit in yet, and had to change, [...]
  • and Wren makes 3.

  • The new addition to the sibling mix has gone better than I thought it would. Other than Harper regressing (again) in the potty training department, the kids for the most part love her. Especially when she's awake. Jack gets all excited and will yell "Harper, the baby's awake!" and they'll both come [...]
  • It's Her Party

  • Last week, we gathered 50 family and  friends together to celebrate Harper's 2nd birthday. We rented the slip & slide and had a BBQ. I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids! Kyle and Gunnar walking up the hill Robin checking on Baby Griffin Harper trying out her water gu [...]
  • Lady Baby's First Tooth

  • Miss Harper finally managed to pop out a tooth. Front right bottom. I'd be more excited about having a happy baby back, but she's not so happy. I'm pretty sure there are one or two more teeth coming soon...
  • Shopping carts

  • Look who's a big girl, riding in a shopping cart all by herself! Literally big that is, she is now too heavy for me to carry in the carseat...