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  • Testarossa

  •               Poor baby girl tripped and face planted it right before these pictures, hence the large red mark on her face.  
  • Jack goes to grade 1

  • Well, we've reached a milestone at our house. Jack is in grade 1. Full day school, 5 days a week. He was pretty excited his first day, though a little anxious. He hid it well with his cool guy exterior, and breezed into class like it was no big deal.
  • Harper Turns 4

  • Well, we did it, we survived 3. It was pretty close there for a while, I didn't know if we'd make it. It was a year full of emotions. Some of which were not always contained very well, but the happy came just as easy as the angry. Harper at 4: A hilarious sense of humor. Loves to make people [...]
Soccer Mom
  • Soccer Mom

  • After the slow (re:boring) debacle of T-ball last year, we thought it would be fun to let Jack try soccer this year. If nothing else, we figured it would put his excess energy to good use. ^^We were lucky this year, and had beautiful weather for every game!^^ ^^She was so excited to ge [...]
  • YMCA

  • So what do you do in Alberta when it's been -20 for over a week, and you're kids are driving you crazy? You head to mom&tot at the local YMCA and let them burn of some steam by running wild with 30 other kids. In defence of Harper's fashion sense: she refuses to wear a coat, but INSISTED¬†she n [...]
  • Jack Turns 5

  • So my baby turned 5 on Friday. How crazy is that? I think there's always something special about each child, and what they represents for you as a parent. Jack is our first. He's the one that made us parents. He's the one that gets to be the subject of all our parenthood method testing. He has to [...]
  • Thanksgiving

  • A couple pictures taken yesterday at Thanksgiving Dinner with my Family. ^^I'm so thankful for this little girl and her introspective spirit. She loves to be talked to, and loves to observe the action around her.^^ ^^I'm thankful for my Dad, and the amazing help he is to me.^^ ^^I'm s [...]