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  • Christmas 2014 Part 2

  • My dad, my little brother and his wife stayed with us for the holidays, and it was fun to be able to spend some time with them before they head off to Oklahoma. The kids actually slept in (8am) on Christmas morning, which was a rare treat. They were both super excited and were surprisingly patient w [...]
  • Christmas 2014 Part 1

  • Christmas this year was primarily spent at my brother's house. They were gracious enough to host the festivities and we had a blast hanging out with them far too late every night. It was a great christmas.   ^^Family Chitchat^^ ^^Our amazing hostess extraordinaire^^ ^^The turkey [...]
  • Oviatt Christmas 2013

  • It was Oviatt Christmas this year. The kids had a blast running around with all their cousins, who even though most of them only live 20 minutes away, we don't see often enough. I kept forgetting to take my camera most of the time, so I just got a couple of pictures on Boxing day. [...]
  • Christmas Day 2013

  • Christmas Day was pretty low-key this year. We had my Dad over for a few days around Christmas and the kids loved having him. Jack especially is always excited to have another person to entertain him! This was the first year that we had kids old enough to anticipate Christmas morning, so that was ex [...]