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  • Washington

  • We've had such a good time the last few summers out in Washington, we decided to do it again this year. We rented a little cottage on Lake Sutherland again, and prayed hard for nice weather. We were in luck, and had sunshine most of the trip. I got to try out some stand up paddleboards, and kayaks, [...]
  • Kananaskis

  • So....after looking forward to this week in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park all summer, and booking our sites as soon as the system allowed, Mother nature screwed us. The weather was pretty bad, but I like to think we made the best of it. Between drizzly hikes, and playing football during the rain br [...]
Virginia Falls and Hidden Lake Outlook
  • Virginia Falls and Hidden Lake Outlook

  • Virginia Falls 6km 160m elevation gain + Hidden Lake outlook 4.4km  164m elevation gain In a very unpatriotic move, we spent Canada Day south of the border. It's not that I don't love my country, I do. A lot. In fact, I pretty much think it's the number one tops. But as I get older, the crowds and [...]
Ptarmigan Cirque
  • Ptarmigan Cirque

  • 4.5km Roundtrip, 210m elevation gain One of our all time favourite hikes is Chester Lake, in Kananaskis. And every year when we try to hike it, it's usually closed because of bears. This year, it wasn't bears, but the annual closure, so we missed it by 2 days. Urg. As a backup, we decided to try Pt [...]