Camera Test Shots

SO my amazing hubby bought me a new full frame camera for Christmas. I’ve had fun the last couple of days testing it out.

2015-01-03 Mark Test-3940 2015-01-03 Mark Test-3942 2015-01-03 Mark Test-3954

^^Sometimes he’s soooo good with her!^^

2015-01-03 Mark Test-3958

^^I’m coming to get you^^

2015-01-03 Mark Test-3971

^^Non-consensual Hugs^^2015-01-03 Mark Test-3966 2015-01-03 Mark Test-3973 2015-01-03 Mark Test-3991 2015-01-03 Mark Test-3992 2015-01-03 Mark Test-3996

^^Squishy face smiles^^

2015-01-03 Mark Test-4014

^^When I told him I wanted to take some pictures, he went and grabbed 3 different shirts, because he might want pictures of all of them^^2015-01-03 Mark Test-4021 2015-01-05 Mark Test-4087 2015-01-05 Mark Test-4092 2015-01-05 Mark Test-4102

^^Not the greatest shot, but I had to include it for posterity. I’m pretty sure there were 5 headbands on there^^2015-01-05 Mark Test-4106 2015-01-05 Mark Test-4109

^^Our chubby little Wren^^2015-01-05 Mark Test-4113 2015-01-05 Mark Test-4117 2015-01-05 Mark Test-4122

^^Pulling herself up like it’s no big deal^^

2015-01-05 Mark Test-4155

^^I love this kids freckles^^2015-01-05 Mark Test-4156-2 2015-01-05 Mark Test-4157^^A rare moment of quiet and calm^^

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