Blessing of Wren Lucile

Little Wren received a name and a blessing from her Dad on sunday. She had a whole pile of family who love her attend the blessing. My kids are so fortunate to have such an amazing support system. About 50 people┬ácame to our house for lunch afterwards, and thankfully the weather cooperated, because our house was busting at the seams! Wren was so well behaved all day. She was wide awake during the blessing, and didn’t make a peep.

2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-0989.jpg

^^The result of too many photographers…no one is looking at the same camera^^

2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-0992.jpg

^^Dad and Daughter^^2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-0993.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-0994.jpg
2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-0997.jpg

^^Wren and Jayna meeting for the first time^^

2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1005.jpg

^^Snuggles with Aunt Geneil^^2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1011.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1012.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1014.jpg

^^Harper being Harper^^2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1015.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1020.jpg

^^She was not as on board for the flower crown as Harper was^^

2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1031.jpg

^^Grandma Oviatt^^

2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1038.jpg

^^I love this picture, photo props to Jody^^2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1076.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1082.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1101.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1106.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1115.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1127.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1132.jpg

^^Pretty baby bling courtesy of Grandma Oviatt and Aunt Mandy^^2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1134.jpg2014-06-08 Wren's Blessing-1142.jpg

^^It’s tiring being so adorable all day!^^

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