Arizona Mini Golf

It was the second annual Bennet Oviatt Arizona gathering this year. It was even more fun than last. Jack and Harper are both pretty sure they’re going to marry Claire (sorry Jude, you didn’t make the cut), and the kids had a blast together, as did the adults. For Jude’s birthday, he chose to go mini golfing. The kids had fun even though there was probably more throwing than putting.

wpid4007-2015-03-12-Arizona-6007.jpg wpid4009-2015-03-12-Arizona-6011.jpg wpid4011-2015-03-12-Arizona-6013.jpg

^^I hope Jack likes taller women””wpid4016-2015-03-12-Arizona-6025.jpg wpid4022-2015-03-12-Arizona-6036.jpg

^^Our crew^^

wpid4026-2015-03-12-Arizona-6047.jpg wpid4030-2015-03-12-Arizona-6050.jpg wpid4036-2015-03-12-Arizona-6066.jpg

^^Proof we wren was there^^

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