Arizona March 2015 – Siblings

While I was chillin’ in arizona for a week waiting for my husband to do that work thing he has to do at home, I grabbed some shots of the kids as we were playing in the front yard before bed one night.

2015-03-12 Arizona-5480.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-5481.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-5485.jpg

^^I love her chunky thigh rolls””

2015-03-12 Arizona-5491.jpg

^^They really are pretty good with her^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-5494.jpg

^^Trying to get them to all look happy at the same time is impossible^^2015-03-12 Arizona-5498.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-5500.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-5512.jpg

^^Jack was adamant I take a picture of them in the sibling train pose. He was super into it.^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-5516.jpg

^^Don’t leave me on the grass!!!! It’s prickly!!!!!^^2015-03-12 Arizona-5520.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-5521.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-5529.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-5534.jpg

^^She’s trying to steal my ball, but she’s so cute^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-5544.jpg


2015-03-12 Arizona-5545.jpg

^^Girls vs boy^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-5547.jpg

^^He loves it^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-5550.jpg^^Teeth? What are those?^^

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