Arizona March 2014

We were lucky enough to score 3 weeks in Arizona last month. Lee was unable to come for the first week, so a friend of mine brought her two boys down to hang out with us. Lee, his parents, and my brother and his wife joined us for the second week, and some good friends from university and their kids joined us for the third week. The weather was perfect, and despite incessant pool heater difficulties, we managed to have a blast.


^^Carter and Jack – Arizona frenemies^^

^^Proof I was there^^

^^Someone peed her pants and wasn’t too happy she had to borrow a diaper from 10 month old Nate^^

^^Gilbert Temple^^

^^The Gurneys^^

^^It turns out that unlike Mesa, the Gilbert temple grounds aren’t open on sundays^^

^^32 weeks^^


^^I love this girl. So full of attitude and personality^^

^^Baby sister^^

^^Enjoying some BBQ. I miss being able to eat outside^^

^^David and Lee tried to teach Jack to hut the football. It was a less successful lesson^^

^^Jack just wanted to play “tag” with the football^^

^^Baby Zoe. Best. Baby. Ever.^^

^^We caught these stinkers stealing strawberries from the fridge while everyone else was outside^^

^^Jack and Claire. These guys got along so well!^^

^^Bikewash at the Children’s Museum^^

^^Snack Break^^

^^Quiet Time^^

^^Checking out the desert section at the Zoo^^

^^Looking for sheep^^

^^Feeding the Giraffes. Always a favorite^^

^^Camel rides!^^

^^Father-son time^^


^^Best $3.50 ever spent^^

^^Arizona, we miss you already^^

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