Arizona December 2013

Some pics from our most recent Arizona Trip.

^^Kite flying^^

^^Our kite was kind of a lame bird^^

^^Jack had fun regardless^^

^^Playing Tag^^

^^Trying to play tag^^

^^Mesa Temple Lights^^

^^One of my favorite things to do at Christmas^^


^^He can’t figure out the snorkel, but insists on trying every time he gets in the pool^^

^^My Ball^^

^^Digging Master^^

^^Jack outgrew his bike, so Harper got the hand me downs^^

^^Riding in the sprinkler puddles^^

^^McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park^^

^^The line up for the train was hours long, so we did the carousal instead^^

^^Harper loved riding the pony^^

^^I loved the train display. The kids were less interested^^

^^She’s not much of a multitasker. Peddling and steering at the same time was a challenge^^

^^Grumpy Face^^

^^Giggle face^^

^^Leave me alone, I’m hiding face^^


^^My favorite people to party in Arizona with^^

^^Kids never think this is as gross as grownups do^^


^^The countdown is on until we can go back!^^

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