and Wren makes 3.

The new addition to the sibling mix has gone better than I thought it would. Other than Harper regressing (again) in the potty training department, the kids for the most part love her. Especially when she’s awake. Jack gets all excited and will yell “Harper, the baby’s awake!” and they’ll both come and try and smother Wren¬†with love. We have to watch Harper pretty carefully. One night when Wren was about 4 days old, Harper scooped her up out of the bouncer and tried to carry her across the room. She made it a few steps before Lee was able to disengage Wren from her grasp unharmed. She also keeps trying to feed Wren various food, including carrots and cashews, the latter which she assured me were okay for Wren because they were “tiny, like a baby”. We’re pretty sure she does it out of love, not malice, so that’s good right? Jack has been an awesome helper, and is always willing to run and grab me a diaper or a soother, and will help Harper out when I can’t.

2014-05-28 Siblings-0874.jpg

2014-05-28 Siblings-0872.jpg

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