…and hiking season begins.

We hiked into Crandall Lake on Saturday with some extended family. The weather wasn’t too bad, and all the kids (including Wren) did great! I did however notice that 10 months of being pretty sedentary are catching up to me:(

2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0884.jpg

2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0886.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0887.jpg^^Snuggle Hiking^^


2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0893.jpg^^Cousin Friends^^

2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0896.jpg^^Checking out the Flowers^^2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0898.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0899.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0901.jpg

^^You can’t walk past a snow bank in June without having a snowball fight!^^

2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0908.jpg

^^Unsuspecting Victim^^

2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0914.jpg

^^These guys will make awesome parents one day^^2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0916.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0921.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0922.jpg

^^Nothing better than finding the perfect stick^^

2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0930.jpg

^^Gatorade squirting entertained the kids for quite a while^^2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0944.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0945.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0947.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0955.jpg

^^Family Pictures^^2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0957.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0960.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0962.jpg

^^Tag in the mountains^^

2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0964.jpg

^^Share-sies^^2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0968.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0970.jpg2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0974.jpg

^^Uncle Kyle, will you give me a shoulder ride?^^

2014-06-07 Crandall Lake-0976.jpg

^^Mountain Buddies^^






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