2015 The Phoenix Zoo

So one of the top things to do in AZ, especially when we have friends visiting is to hit up the Phoenix Zoo. Jack has been there so many times, he didn’t even want to feed the Giraffes this time (we made him anyway), just ride the camels.

2015-03-12 Arizona-6495.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6497.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6506.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6512.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6520.jpg

^^Giraffe Cuddles^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6522.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6524.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6525.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6528.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6529.jpg

^^Harper kept letting go of the lettuce early because she didn’t want the Giraffe tongue to touch her^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6532.jpg

^^The keeper helped her out a little bit^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6535.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6542.jpg

^^The obligatory family picture^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6547.jpg

^^Camel rides. Poor Jude always gets sandwiched between the “don’t understand the meaning of personal space” oviatt kids^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6550.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6554.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6592.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6602.jpg

^^Our wildlife^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6613.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6615.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6621.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6622.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6624.jpg

^^Wren even had a nap in the stroller, which almost never happens!^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6629.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6631.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6638.jpg

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