2015 Arizona: The rest

And with no further ado, the last Arizona post you have to see. For at least a month. 

2015-03-12 Arizona-5561.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5701.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5709.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5710.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5714.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5717.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5729.jpg

^^Jack busting a move on Claire^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-5730.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5733.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5740.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5758.jpg

^^She was so good with Wren^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-5772.jpg

^^It’s always fun to watch these childhood friends catch up now with families of their own^^
2015-03-12 Arizona-5779.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-5852.jpg

^^Pure  Joy^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-5908.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-5914.jpg

^^ It took Jude a little while to warm up to the sprayers^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-5929.jpg

^^He eventually came around^^2015-03-12 Arizona-6720.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-6739.jpg
2015-03-12 Arizona-6752.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-6762.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-6763.jpg

^^”Stop leaving me on the Grass!!!!^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6767.jpg

^^Lee’s parents came for the last week of our stay, and the kids loved having Grandma to play with^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6780.jpg

^^Without a baby gate, Wren sort of mastered the stairs^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6782.jpg

^^I guess she needed a rest stop part way up^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6784.jpg

^^”Why are you following me?”^^2015-03-12 Arizona-6793.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-6800.jpg

^^Grandma gave Harper “curls”^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6801.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6810.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6812.jpg

^^This girl loves her Daddy^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6816.jpg

2015-03-12 Arizona-6819.jpg

^^Lee trying to teach Harper to dribble^^

2015-03-12 Arizona-6830.jpg2015-03-12 Arizona-6831.jpg

^^This is what happens when you tell your 3 year old to open her eyes “wide”^^

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